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Delhi Police Apprehend Suspected ISIS Member Shafi Uzzama in Major Anti-Terror Operation

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In a significant breakthrough in the ongoing fight against terrorism, the Delhi Police have successfully apprehended Shafi Uzzama, a suspected member of the Islamic State (ISIS) and a prime target on the National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) most-wanted list. The arrest took place during a large-scale anti-terror operation conducted by the Delhi Police.

Shafi Uzzama, who had been evading law enforcement agencies for an extended period, had become the subject of an intensive manhunt. Last month, the NIA had issued his photograph along with a reward of Rs 3 lakhs for any information leading to his capture. His arrest was specifically sought in connection with the infamous Pune ISIS case, which had raised serious concerns about national security.

The Pune ISIS case had identified three other individuals involved, namely Talha Liyakat Khan from Pune, and Rizwan Abdul Haji Ali and Abdulla Faiyaz Shaikh, also known as Daiperwala, both hailing from Delhi.

Shafi Uzzama, a mining engineer who had been residing in Delhi, had previously managed to escape from Pune police custody and had been in hiding within the national capital.

Details surrounding Shafi Uzzama’s involvement revealed that he had been residing in a rented flat at Meethanagar in Kondhwa, Pune, with the masterminds of the ISIS Ratlam module, Imran, and Yunus. His escape from police custody had occurred during a house search in Pune, adding to the complexity of the case.

Upon questioning the arrested individuals, it was discovered that Khan and Saki, associates of Shafi Uzzama, hailed from Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh and were allegedly involved in a terror case registered in Rajasthan. The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) initially handled the investigation before transferring it to the NIA.

Throughout their probe, law enforcement agencies unearthed evidence suggesting the involvement of a foreign-based handler who may have orchestrated the connection between Shafi Uzzama and the local operatives. The group had reportedly plotted a terror strike, with investigations revealing their activities in various locations, including Kolhapur, Sangli, and Satara.

Furthermore, the NIA uncovered a trove of digital materials, including instructional videos on bomb-making and Google images of potential targets, stored in laptops and mobile phones belonging to the arrested individuals. The recent arrest of two more suspects in Thane district, Aakif Ateeque Nachan and Zulfikar Ali Barodawala, has further deepened the complexity of the case.

The apprehension of Shafi Uzzama represents a significant milestone in the relentless fight against terrorism, highlighting the unwavering commitment of law enforcement agencies to safeguard the nation’s safety and security. Delhi Police authorities have stated that the investigation is ongoing, and further details will be revealed in due course as they work to dismantle the entire network and ensure justice is served.


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