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Bizarre Discovery: Gold Mangalsutra Found Inside Buffalo’s Stomach in Washim


In a truly astonishing turn of events, a buffalo in the Sarsi village of Washim, Maharashtra, was discovered to have ingested a gold mangalsutra worth a staggering two lakh rupees (approximately $2,700 USD). The intriguing incident unfolded last week, leaving the entire community in awe.

It all began when Geeta Bai Bhoyar, a resident of Sarsi village, placed her cherished mangalsutra on a plate one fateful night before retiring to bed on Wednesday, September 27th. Little did she know that her precious piece of jewelry would embark on an unexpected journey.

The following morning, Geeta Bai was in for a rude shock when she realized her mangalsutra had mysteriously vanished. Initially suspecting foul play, the Bhoyar family launched a frantic search for the missing gold ornament. However, the truth behind its disappearance would prove far more bizarre than anyone could have imagined.

Upon closer examination with family members, they made a startling connection. Geeta Bai had used the same plate to feed their buffalo soybean husks. It became evident that the buffalo had unwittingly devoured the mangalsutra along with its breakfast.

Concerned for both the buffalo’s well-being and the missing mangalsutra, the Bhoyar family promptly sought the expertise of veterinarians. Even an ultrasound scan failed to pinpoint the location of the swallowed jewelry. It was only when a metal detector confirmed the presence of gold within the buffalo’s stomach that the family decided to opt for surgery.

On September 28th, a team of skilled surgeons embarked on an unusual procedure to retrieve the gold mangalsutra from the buffalo’s stomach. The delicate operation lasted for a tense two hours, with the buffalo undergoing a total of 60-65 stitches. Currently, the buffalo is under close observation, with both the medical team and the Bhoyar family ensuring its swift recovery.

This astonishing incident has captured the attention of Washim district and has made headlines across the locality, turning the unsuspecting buffalo into an unlikely celebrity. The Bhoyar family is grateful that their buffalo is safe and that their cherished mangalsutra has been successfully recovered, despite the bizarre chain of events that led to its temporary disappearance.


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