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China fumes, masses military as US Speaker Nancy Pelosi meets Taiwan Prez Tsai


US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, meeting leaders in Taiwan despite warnings from China, said Wednesday that she and other members of Congress in a visiting delegation are showing they will not abandon their commitment to the self-governing island.

“Today the world faces a choice between democracy and autocracy,” she said in a short speech during a meeting with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen. “America’s determination to preserve democracy, here in Taiwan and around the world, remains ironclad.”

Pelosi said the US congressional delegation’s visit to the self-ruled democratic island was a “show of friendship and support,” but also a source of learning and collaboration, after referencing previous trips made by US legislators.

Pelosi reiterated the US’ support for Taiwan, again saying they had come to send an “unequivocal message — America stands with Taiwan.”

“We have to show the world, and that is one of the purposes of our trip, to show the world the success of the people of Taiwan,” Pelosi said, pointing to the courage of the Taiwanese people to uphold democracy.

“We want Taiwan to always have freedom with security, and we’re not backing away from that,” Pelosi said.


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