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BJP Poised for a Resounding Comeback in Rajasthan, Ousting Incumbent Congress

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The electoral landscape of Rajasthan is gearing up for a significant shift as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) appears set to clinch victory, signaling the exit of the incumbent Congress party. In a state that traditionally votes out the ruling party every three decades, the BJP is on the cusp of a sweeping win, revisiting the pattern witnessed over the years.

The 2018 elections marked a watershed moment when the Congress secured a majority, terminating the Vasundhara Raje-led BJP government. Ashok Gehlot assumed the role of chief minister, with Sachin Pilot as his deputy. However, the Congress soon encountered internal discord, leading to a protracted feud, resulting in Sachin Pilot’s removal from the deputy chief minister’s position in 2020. This infighting, coupled with issues like women’s safety concerns, question paper leaks, and more, created an opportunity for the BJP’s resurgence in the state.

Drawing on Rajasthan’s historical trend of voting out the incumbent party, the BJP aims to reclaim power from the Congress. The simmering tension between Gehlot and Pilot, coupled with multiple issues, has provided the BJP with a strong foothold to seek a comeback, capitalizing on the electorate’s inclination toward change.

The exit polls, predicting a neck-and-neck battle between the BJP and the Congress, have amplified the potential role of regional parties as kingmakers in the state’s political equation. Both major parties have initiated negotiations with independent candidates, rebels, and smaller parties in preparation for a scenario of a hung assembly.

With the 2024 Lok Sabha elections on the horizon, the Congress is fervently working to reverse the trend of ousting the incumbent party, striving to secure a renewed mandate amidst the intense political landscape of Rajasthan.


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