HomeNationBBC Admits Underreporting Rs 40 Crore Income in India: Report

BBC Admits Underreporting Rs 40 Crore Income in India: Report

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The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has come under scrutiny for allegedly evading taxes in India, according to two officials from the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT), as reported by Hindustan Times. The BBC has also acknowledged that it may have paid lower taxes than its actual liability. The broadcaster is now required to follow formal procedures, including filing revised returns and settling all outstanding dues, penalties, and interest.

CBDT officials have emphasized that the law applies to all entities in the country, including media companies and foreign entities. The BBC must adhere to the prescribed procedures or face legal consequences.

An official was quoted in the report saying that the Department will continue to take action against the BBC until the matter reaches a resolution. The tax department asserts that the BBC’s attempts to portray the action as a vendetta by the government have been refuted, as the broadcaster has informally admitted its involvement in deliberate tax evasion.


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