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Coconut Seller uses Sewage Water to Clean Fruits, Arrested

Twitter: @the_news_21

A video is going viral on social media where a coconut seller can be seen washing his coconuts with water obtained from sewage. After the scene was captured on camera the police took action in the matter. The coconut seller who ‘cleaned’ the fruits using dirty water from the nearby drain was arrested.

The man was seen filling some unhygienic water into a plastic container and spraying it on the coconut stock piled up for sale, as seen in the shocking video. The footage was shared on Twitter to caution people in the vicinity from buying coconut water from him.

The Nodia’s Gautam Buddh Nagar Police took note of the incident and arrested the coconut seller identified as Mohd. Sameer. It was stated by the police in a tweet that an investigation is underway.


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