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Banning the RSS will result in Congress ‘burning to ashes’: Karnataka BJP President

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Following Karnataka minister Priyank Kharge’s remarks about outlawing the RSS and Bajrang Dal in the southern state, a new controversy has arisen. Nalin Kumar Kateel, the head of the BJP’s Karnataka branch, has responded to Priyank Kharge’s statement that his party is prepared to ban the Bajrang Dal if it attempts to disturb the peace in the state. Nalin Kateel said in an India Today report that he predicts Congress would “burn to ashes” if it attempted to outlaw the Bajrang Dal or the RSS.

Kateel also added that Kharge discussed outlawing the RSS. The RSS swayamsevak Prime Minister Narendra Modi holds a prominent position. The attempts to outlaw the RSS by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and the Narasimha Rao administration all failed.

The son of Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge and a congressman for the Chittapur assembly district, Priyank Kharge had previously stated that the Congress will not have any issue with banning institutions that morally police its citizens whether it is the RSS, Bajrang Dal, or any other group.

According to Kharge, the incoming government will revoke all laws and directives implemented during the previous BJP government that impede the state’s ability to flourish economically and those that are against Kannadigas’ interests.

The Congress had pledged to outlaw the Bajrang Dal in its election manifesto prior to the Karnataka elections. It had caused a great deal of controversy, with the BJP and RSS criticising the Congress for their election promises.

After the BJP launched an all-out assault, the Congress party reacted by denying any notion that, if it were to win the state’s election, it would attempt to outlaw the Bajrang Dal.


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