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Another Disturbing Video Emerges: Teacher in Odisha Thrashes Student, Igniting Outrage

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Amid the ongoing uproar surrounding the Muzaffarnagar video depicting a school teacher encouraging students to assault a Muslim classmate, another distressing incident has come to light. A video emerged on Sunday (August 27), revealing a teacher in Odisha’s Angul region physically assaulting a student for alleged poor academic performance. The distressing footage shows the teacher wielding a stick or cane in both hands, subjecting the student to severe physical abuse.

The video capturing the brutal punishment was shared on X (formerly Twitter). While the identities of the student and teacher are concealed through blurring, the extent of the teacher’s aggression and the student’s suffering remains evident in the footage.

The video painfully portrays the teacher’s unrelenting assault on the student, devoid of any response to the student’s pleas for mercy. Despite the student’s desperate cries for help, the teacher’s aggression appears to intensify, painting a distressing image of the incident.

Instances of teacher-inflicted cruelty under the guise of discipline are unfortunately not novel. In a deeply troubling incident last year, a coaching class teacher in Patna, Bihar, was caught on camera brutally assaulting a five-year-old boy. The shocking video shocked viewers with the severity of the punishment meted out to the young student within the confines of the coaching class.


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