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Vidarbha reports seven more farmer suicides in last 72 hours, record 1060 farmers have committed suicides in 2022


Mumbai: The record-breaking rains coupled with heavy damages of crop in Maharashtra has once again restarted the vicious cycle of farmers suicides in Vidarbha region which has been the epicentre of farmers suicides in India.

Vidarbha reported seven more farmers killed themselves in last 72 hours even as Maharashtra government has given increased compensation for the damage caused due to recent heavy rain and started the Chief Minister Kisan Yojana (CMKY) like PM Kisan Yojna, (PMKY) farm activist Kishore Tiwari informed here on Sunday.

The recent seven farmers who committed suicide are:

 1. Sudhir Golar of Pandharkawda district. Yavatmal

2. Ratanlal Dhurve of Nardu District Amravati

3. Pravin More of Lonbahel District. Yavatmal

4. Gunwant Madavi of Amboda District. Wardha

5. Roshan Mahekar of Mahadevpura District Amravati District

6. Sovinda Raut of Navegaon Dam District Gondia

7.Maroti Nahgamkar of. Ghosari District Chandrapur

This takes the toll of farmers committing suicides to 1060 this year alone, whereas 26 farmers have committed suicide in the last 13 days, out of which 14 suicides have committed suicide in the last seven days and 8 farmers have committed suicide in Maregaon taluka of Yavatmal district alone, Tiwari added.

After western Vidarbha farmers suicide spiral has now reached the paddy belt of eastern Vidarbha even as politicians ignore the farm suicide issue.

In last 25 years more than 28,000 farmers suicides reported in the dry land cotton and soybean farmers in western Vidarbha. But at the same time paddy farmers in eastern Vidarbha suicides in very less than 3000 but recent years farmers suicides increased in eastern Vidarbha too and 2022 farmer suicides are at par with western Vidarbha which is alarming for the government., all political parties who wants to make agrarian crisis and farm suicides at the time of poll are now are currently keeping silent on these suicides, Tiwari said.

In the last 5 years mega loan waivers were given to farmers by the Maharashtra government. Whereas, the central government has started direct cash subsidies to farmers along with the Prime Minister’s Irrigation Scheme, Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme, Electricity subsidy, food security, health security, education subsidy. However, farm distress in rural Vidarbha and Marathwada regions of Maharashtra is getting worst, as core issues of agrarian crisis are not resolved by state is the only reason of ongoing farm crisis and farmers suicides is main. Kishore Tiwari informed here today.

Kishore Tiwari welcomed the announcement of Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde that Maharashtra farmers will be free from suicide, and as he has announced Chief Minister Shetkari Samman Yojana (CMSSY), if he is concerned about the farmers of Vidarbha and Marathwada, he should address the root cause of agricultural crisis and present distress which are:

1. Reduction in production cost, regeneration of land and water quality, increase in productivity, freedom of seeds. Environment friendly sustainable agriculture.

2. The change in cropping pattern and direct cash incentive for food, pulses, oilseeds in the place of cash crops.

3.Reformes in farm credit policy, Easy abundant crop loan to and removal of RBI and Nationalized Bank    anti-farmer policy of CIBIL.

4. farmers friendly Crop insurance scheme to save exploitation of dying farmers

5. Elimination of administrative, political and social corruption from rural areas.

Kishore Tiwari added that unless the cost of cultivation is not reduced, the newly developed techniques are not introduced, soil health, protective irrigation are not addressed the productivity will not increase.

Demanding an immediate decision on the planning of pulses and oilseed crops in place the cash crop area and the subsidy for the same, the policy of providing five-year farm credit policy and the crop insurance scheme that saves the lives of farmers should be implemented immediately along with ongoing uncontrolled administrative, political and social corruption in stopped which has completely spoil the economic, mental, physical, spiritual and social health of rural Vidarbha.


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