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Verbal Spat Erupts in Bihar Assembly: RJD and BJP MLAs Clash Over Reservation, Condom Remark Takes Center Stage

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Tensions flared in the Bihar Assembly premises as MLAs from the ruling RJD and the opposition BJP engaged in a heated exchange on Thursday, just days after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar stirred controversy with his crude remarks on the connection between women’s literacy and birth control. The incident, captured on camera, revealed unsavory comments, including a veiled dig at CM Nitish Kumar’s statements.

In the video circulating on social media, RJD MLA Vijay Mandal and BJP MLA Kundan Kumar were seen arguing over the Bihar Reservation Bill. Amidst the altercation, Kundan Kumar took a dig at Vijay Mandal, saying, “You have no knowledge of the Mandal Commission. Go and advertise about condoms in the assembly.” The remark alluded to CM Nitish Kumar’s recent controversial statement on population control.

The verbal clash comes in the backdrop of CM Nitish Kumar’s remarks on the necessity of women’s education for population control, a statement that triggered a political uproar. Kumar had suggested that educated women could play a role in controlling birth rates by advising their husbands on contraception.

Following the controversy, the Bihar BJP demanded Nitish Kumar’s resignation, barring him from entering the legislative session. The Chief Minister later expressed regret, apologizing for his words both in the assembly and publicly.

The incident in the assembly premises further underscores the heightened political tension in Bihar, with the ruling RJD, JDU, and Congress alliance facing criticism from the opposition BJP. The clash between MLAs adds another layer to the ongoing political drama in the state.


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