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Uttar Pradesh: Double Murder Shocks Sultanpur, Farmers Shot Dead in Field

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In a tragic incident, two farmers in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, lost their lives after being shot in the fields on Monday. The unfortunate incident took place when they went to water their plants at night, and an unidentified assailant opened fire on them.

According to preliminary reports, the police suspect that the motive behind the attack may be personal enmity.

Superintendent of Police Somen Burma has identified the victims as Dharmraj Maurya (60) and Vijay Kumar Rajbhar (45).

The timely response of the villagers proved crucial, as they rushed to the farmers’ aid immediately after hearing the gunshots. The injured victims were quickly transported to the nearest community health center, but despite the efforts made, they were pronounced dead upon arrival.

This incident raises concerns among the public, as they question the efficacy of the state’s security measures. Although Chief Minister Yogi is being praised for his efforts to combat organised crime in Uttar Pradesh, such unfortunate incidents continue to occur. It was only recently when Chandrashekhar Azad was shot in UP, leading to his swift hospitalization.


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