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US: Mass Shooting in Lewiston, Maine Leaves 22 Dead and Dozens Injured; Suspect Still at Large

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In a devastating and tragic incident that ranks among the worst of its kind in recent years, a mass shooting occurred in Lewiston, Maine, resulting in the loss of at least 22 lives and leaving over a dozen individuals injured. Reports from various media outlets indicate that the suspect responsible for this horrific event remains at large.

Eyewitnesses and images circulating on social media depict a chilling scene as the gunman, armed with what appears to be an automatic firearm, entered a store, setting off a series of events that would shatter the peace of this community.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday night, local time, at a restaurant and bowling alley in Lewiston. The exact circumstances and motives behind this appalling act of violence are yet to be fully determined. Law enforcement agencies are actively engaged in their efforts to locate and apprehend the suspect, who continues to pose a significant threat to public safety.

This devastating event has left the community of Lewiston in shock and mourning. Authorities are coordinating their response to provide support to the victims and their families during this difficult time. Additionally, the incident has reignited the national conversation about gun control and the urgent need to address the issue of mass shootings in the United States.


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