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Tomato Price: Political Parties Compete To Sell Pricey Vegetable At Affordable Price In Andhra Pradesh

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In Andhra Pradesh the rising tomato prices have led to a competition between political parties that are trying to out each other in the process of selling tomatoes at the cheapest price. This according to the parties will help make the essential vegetable more affordable to the public.

Taking said proactive steps the YSRCP government is selling tomatoes at Rs 50 per kg at Rythu Bazars. Whereas the opposition Telugu Desam leaders are selling the expensive vegetable for Rs 30 per kg.

This could also be credited to the elections that are to be held in the state next year as the legislative assembly is coming to an end soon.

On the other hand in Tamil Nadu, tomatoes are being sold through ration shops, mobile farm green consumer shops and farm green consumer shops at low prices.

Tomato prices have surged across the country due to reduced yield of tomatoes because of heavy rains in states. Tomato prices have reached a point where it was more costlier than petrol. In Madnapalee market, the largest in Asia, 10 days since tomato prices began shooting up the cost of one kg tomatoes is at Rs 144 per kg. There have also been media reports claiming that the cost of Tomatoes will likely cross Rs 200 in Andhra Pradesh by the end of this month.

With some cities already selling tomatoes at the price of Rs 200 per kg the Centre has decided to use its agencies to procure Tomatoes from Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka to sell them in the areas with high prices at a discounted price.

According to the data by the Ministry, Himachal is the only state where Tomatoes are harvested in July but with the rains and flood like situation the cost of tomatoes will only come down after the stocks from Himachal Pradesh reach the markets.


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