Tamil Nadu Minister Admits Mistake in Advertisement Featuring Chinese Rocket, Modi Calls for Accountability

The controversy erupted after PM Modi accused the DMK government of attempting to claim undeserved credit for an ISRO facility


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In a recent development following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s criticism of the Tamil Nadu government over an advertisement featuring a Chinese rocket, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) leader and Tamil Nadu minister Anitha Radhakrishnan has acknowledged an error on their part.

Radhakrishnan conceded, “A small mistake has been made in the newspaper advertisement given by us regarding the setting up of a rocket launch pad in the Kulasekarapatnam area,” in an interview with ANI on Thursday.

He attributed the oversight to the advertisement designers, stating, “The image of the Chinese flag in the advertisement welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a mistake by those who designed the advertisement, which went unnoticed by us.”

The controversy erupted after PM Modi accused the DMK government of attempting to claim undeserved credit for an ISRO facility in Tamil Nadu by featuring a Chinese rocket in the advertisement.

During a speech in Tamil Nadu’s Tirunelveli on Wednesday, PM Modi lambasted the DMK, asserting, “DMK is a party that does not work but stands ahead to take false credit. These people paste their stickers on our schemes. Now they have crossed the limits, they have pasted China’s sticker to take credit for the ISRO launch pad in Tamil Nadu.”

PM Modi further emphasized that the advertisement was not just a matter of misrepresentation but also an insult to India’s scientists and the space sector. He criticized the government for failing to showcase India’s achievements in space and suggested that the DMK should face consequences for their actions.

“They are not ready to accept India’s progress in the space sector and with the taxes that you pay, they give advertisements and do not even include a picture of India’s space in it. They did not want to present India’s space success in front of the world, they insulted our scientists, our space sector, and your tax money. Now it’s high time that the DMK is punished for their deeds,” PM Modi asserted.

The episode underscores the delicate interplay between politics and national pride, with the advertisement mishap sparking outrage and calls for accountability from the highest echelons of government. As the controversy unfolds, questions arise about the responsibility of public officials in accurately representing national achievements and the repercussions of failing to do so.


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