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    Russia needed seconds to attack Ukraine, world took many days to impose sanctions: Zelenskyy

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    As the Russian invasion of Ukraine nears a year, Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Wednesday said Russia needed few seconds to start the war but the world took many days to impose sanctions.

    In a special online address from Kyiv during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, he said the world was hesitant when Russia without any hesitation invaded Cremia but the world must not hesitate now.

    With his wife Olena Zelenska in the audience, the president said the world must move faster than Russia.

    Supplies of Western tanks must outpace the attack by Russia, he said.

    “It was not us who started the war but it has to be us who will end this war and for that the entire world has to be united in supporting Ukraine,” he said.

    He said Ukraine needs military as well as financial support to win this war and recover from the crisis.

    When asked what place he sees for Russia in the world, Zelenskyy said, “Russia has earned a place among terrorists. They have to recognise their own mistakes and they have to respect our territorial integrity.” The Ukranian President said he is not worried about his own security, he doesn’t want to go anywhere and all he needs is ammunition to fight the war.

    There are no accidents during the war time and Ukrainian civilians are being killed in the war, he added.


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