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    YouTube pulls down BBC documentary on PM Modi

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    A documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, The Modi Question, was removed from YouTube on Wednesday, according to

    The documentary, which was released on Tuesday, takes a close look at the story of the Prime Minister and tracks his journey to power, according to Birmingham Live.

    It makes an in-depth study of his political career, including his tenure as Gujarat Chief Minister, which was marred by the riots that shook the state in 2002, with as many as 2,000 people being killed in the wave of violence, Birmingham Live said. The then Bharatiya Janata Party government of Gujarat was fiercely criticised for its handling of the riots, which opponents argued amounted to complicity, though the courts have not indicted the state government.

    Mr Modi is an important ally of the UK and the US and is considered a crucial counterweight to Chinese power in Southeast Asia, Birmingham Live said. However, the Prime Minister has faced a lot of criticism at home and abroad over what his opponents allege is the erosion of political rights in India, it said.

    Another big question that remains is his stand on Hindu nationalism, despite which he continues to enjoy support in the country, according to The Guardian.


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