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Report Reveals Dire Impact of Air Pollution on South Asia’s Developing Nations

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A report released on Tuesday (August 29) has underscored the critical issue of air pollution hazards in the developing countries of South Asia. The study reveals that escalating air pollution has been responsible for reducing the average lifespan of South Asian people by around five years. The report further alarms with the revelation that India alone contributes to approximately 59 percent of the global increase in pollution since 2013.

The report highlights the perilous levels of air pollution prevalent in the most polluted regions of India, which significantly curtails the average life expectancy of its inhabitants. This extensive research was conducted by the University of Chicago’s Energy Policy Institute (EPIC) and forms part of their latest Air Quality Life Index report.

The South Asian region encompasses several of the world’s most polluted countries, including Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Nepal. This quartet collectively accounts for over half of the global years of life lost due to air pollution, emphasizing the severe impact within the region.

Two primary factors are identified as culprits behind the perilous levels of air pollution in these countries: rampant industrialization and urbanization, coupled with a burgeoning population.

Comparing data to the turn of the century, the report underscores that air pollution levels in these South Asian nations have surged by over 50 percent, providing a stark illustration of the degradation and deterioration of air quality in this densely populated region.

Bangladesh emerges as the world’s most polluted country in terms of air quality, while Delhi, the capital of India, is prominently featured as one of the hardest-hit cities in terms of lives lost due to escalating air pollution and hazardous air quality. Shockingly, the report reveals that the residents of Delhi face the dire prospect of their lives being shortened by an average of 10 years due to the severe air pollution and hazardous air quality.


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