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Rahul Gandhi Claims Being “Locked Inside a Room” During 2019 Pulwama Attack Tribute

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In a recent video released of his interaction with former Jammu and Kashmir governor Satyapal Malik, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi made startling allegations regarding his visit to pay tributes to the martyrs of the Pulwama attack at the Delhi airport in 2019.

Gandhi recounted the events surrounding his visit, saying, “As soon as I heard about Pulwama and I found out about the martyrs being brought to the airport, I went straight to the airport. My security people told me not to go. But I said, I’m going.”

However, Gandhi went on to claim that upon his arrival at the airport, he was inexplicably confined to a room and not allowed to participate in the tribute. He described the situation as “They locked me in a room at the airport. And told me, ‘you can’t leave the room.’ I asked them, ‘What does that mean?’ The martyrs were brought there. Army personnel were present. The Prime Minister was coming. And they literally locked me in and told me I can’t come out.”

Expressing his shock and dissatisfaction with the proceedings, Rahul Gandhi stated that he questioned the security personnel about the reason for his confinement and struggled to be allowed to participate. He criticized the Prime Minister for creating what he described as an ‘event’ surrounding the deaths of the martyrs. Gandhi said, “I felt as if a show was put on. What shocked me was I felt as if a big event was taking place. The Prime Minister has come, and it was as if they are showing the entire nation. It was quite distasteful.”

These allegations by Rahul Gandhi have stirred public debate and are expected to be met with responses and reactions from various quarters, given the sensitive nature of the Pulwama attack and its aftermath.


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