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Explosive Claims Made by Former Jammu and Kashmir Governor Regarding 2019 Pulwama Attack

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In a recent interview with Congress MP Rahul Gandhi, former Jammu and Kashmir governor Satya Pal Malik made explosive claims regarding the 2019 Pulwama attack, shedding light on some concerning aspects of the tragic event. The revelations have sparked significant interest and debate.

During the interview, Satya Pal Malik discussed various topics, including the Adani issue, the Pulwama attack, and the Prime Minister’s promise of Minimum Support Price (MSP). However, it was his remarks on the Pulwama attack that have garnered the most attention.

Governor Malik alleged that the driver and the owner of the explosive-laden vehicle that carried out the attack on the CRPF convoy had terrorist records and had been arrested and released multiple times. He emphasized that these individuals were not on the radar of intelligence agencies, despite their known history.

Furthermore, Satya Pal Malik criticized the Modi government for security lapses that, according to him, played a role in the Pulwama attack, which claimed the lives of 40 CRPF personnel and shocked the nation.

He stated, “I told two channels that it was our fault but I was asked to not say this anywhere…I thought my statements might impact the investigation, but there was no investigation. It was used for the purpose of the election. On the third day, PM Modi gave his speech where he used it politically.”

Malik also questioned why the Pulwama incident occurred and revealed that the CRPF had requested five aircraft for transportation, which could have potentially averted the attack. He claimed that the request for aircraft was left unaddressed for months by the home ministry before being rejected, forcing the CRPF personnel to take the vulnerable road route.

The former governor’s revelations about the individuals behind the attack and the circumstances leading up to it have raised important questions about security measures, intelligence gathering, and political considerations surrounding such incidents. These claims are expected to provoke reactions and further discussions on this critical issue.


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