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PM Modi Unveils Surat Diamond Bourse, Charts Path to 5-Trillion & 10-Trillion Dollar Economy

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed the inauguration of the Surat Diamond Bourse as a testament to India’s newfound vigor and determination, marking the launch of the world’s largest workplace and a cutting-edge hub for diamond trade in the country. Speaking at the ceremony, PM Modi also announced significant developments for Surat, including a new terminal for Surat Airport and its elevation to international airport status.

In his address, PM Modi outlined his government’s visionary plan spanning the next 25 years, aimed at propelling India’s economic growth. Emphasizing ambitious targets such as the goal of a 5-trillion-dollar and eventually a 10-trillion-dollar economy, he underscored the steadfast commitment to steering India into the league of the world’s top three economies during his envisioned “third term.”

Highlighting the Surat Diamond Bourse’s significance, PM Modi attributed its establishment to his assurance, reflecting the city’s evolution into one of the top 10 developing cities globally. He lauded Surat’s remarkable attributes, praising its street food culture and commendable strides in skill development.

“Today, Surat stands as a testament to dedication and diligence. Once known as ‘Sun City,’ the relentless hard work of its people has transformed it into the ‘diamond city,'” PM Modi remarked, acknowledging the city’s remarkable journey and its present stature as a beacon of progress.

The Prime Minister’s address not only celebrated the inauguration of the Surat Diamond Bourse but also outlined a roadmap for India’s economic growth, positioning the nation to achieve significant milestones and cement its position as a global economic powerhouse.


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