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PM Modi Tweets, Vows to Retrieve Every Penny of Rs300 Crore Recovered in IT Raids Linked to Congress MP

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In his tweet, PM Modi pledged to ensure the return of every rupee purportedly misappropriated from the public. He employed a blend of laughing and cash emojis to underscore his point, inviting citizens to juxtapose the recovered sums against the rhetoric espoused by political leaders. His tweet, laden with symbolic imagery, aimed to emphasize the accountability of public representatives.

The IT department’s actions unfolded as they conducted raids in Odisha and Jharkhand, uncovering an estimated ₹300 crore across multiple properties linked to various alcohol manufacturing firms. These operations, spanning over half a dozen companies, including notable names like S Shiv Ganga and Company, Boudh Distillery Pvt Ltd (BDPL), and Ranisati Paddy Processing Private Limited, were initiated due to suspicions of tax evasion.

The most substantial portion of the recovered amount, around ₹150 crore, stemmed from the raids conducted at BDPL’s premises situated in Boudh, Raidih, Sambalpur, and Balangir districts of Odisha, alongside Ranchi and Lohardaga in Jharkhand. BDPL, recognized as one of the prominent country-liquor manufacturers and sellers in western Odisha, faced scrutiny amid allegations of financial impropriety.

The IT department’s actions underscore a broader campaign against alleged financial irregularities within the business sector, especially concerning tax evasion. The seized amounts from these raids signal a heightened focus on investigating potential financial misconduct and ensuring compliance with taxation laws across industries.

PM Modi’s impassioned social media post and the subsequent IT department operations have once again ignited discussions about accountability, fiscal responsibility, and the role of political figures in safeguarding public trust and financial integrity. These events also amplify the ongoing discourse on financial transparency and compliance within the country’s business landscape.

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