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Overseas Job Seekers Warned of Scams by Unregistered Agents, Ministry Cautions

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The Ministry of External Affairs issued a stark warning on Thursday, urging individuals seeking opportunities abroad to exercise caution and exclusively engage with registered recruiting agents. This advisory comes in the wake of a concerning surge in cases where aspiring workers are falling victim to fraudulent practices orchestrated by unregistered agents, encountering fake job offers and facing exorbitant charges reaching up to ₹5 lakh.

Highlighting the alarming trend, the ministry’s detailed advisory shed light on the modus operandi of these unregistered and illegal agents who operate without the necessary license from the external affairs ministry. These agents deliberately withhold or provide scant information regarding their location and contact details. Furthermore, reports indicate that many of these illicit agents operate through social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and text messages, evading easy traceability.

The advisory underscored the challenge in verifying the authenticity of job offers communicated solely through WhatsApp, making it arduous to ascertain the caller’s identity and location. These unauthorized agents entice workers with opportunities in “difficult and life-threatening conditions,” targeting recruitment for various regions including East European, West Asian, and Central Asian countries, as well as Israel, Canada, Myanmar, and Laos.

Expressing deep concern, the advisory elucidated, “There has been a significant surge in instances where individuals aspiring for overseas jobs are falling prey to unregistered recruitment agents through counterfeit job offers and excessive charges ranging from ₹2-5 lakhs.”

To safeguard prospective job seekers, the ministry urged individuals to exclusively utilize the services of registered recruiting agents (RAs). These authorized agents possess a license issued by the ministry, prominently displaying their license number at their offices and in advertisements.

The advisory emphasized, “In light of the aforementioned risks, individuals seeking opportunities abroad are urged to avail themselves of the safe and legal services provided solely by registered recruiting agents (RAs).

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