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Opposition Slams BJP Government’s Suspension of MPs Over Security Breach

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The Opposition unleashed a barrage of criticism against the BJP-led government on Thursday following the suspension of 15 opposition MPs, a move triggered by their fervent demand for Home Minister Amit Shah’s statement regarding Wednesday’s security breach in Parliament. Among the suspended MPs, DMK’s Kanimozhi Karunanidhi lashed out, accusing the government of selectively sparing BJP MP Pratap Simha, who allegedly facilitated the intruders’ access passes to the Lok Sabha, while expelling Mahua Moitra without a complete inquiry.

Expressing dismay, Kanimozhi asserted, “There is an MP who has actually given the passes for these individuals accused of the Parliament security breach to come in. No action has been taken against that MP. Whereas, we saw what happened in Mahua’s case. Without even the inquiry being complete, she has been disqualified and this MP is not even suspended. He’s inside Parliament with us.”

The Opposition’s primary plea remains for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Shah to address the Parliament on the alarming security lapse. Kanimozhi questioned the essence of democracy when such crucial voices are stifled.

JDU’s Rajiv Ranjan Singh lambasted the government’s actions, suggesting that the suspension was a deliberate attempt to conceal failures and intimidate the Opposition. He highlighted the potential contrast in response had the intruders been of a different religious or political affiliation.

Echoing similar sentiments, MP Kapil Sibal criticized the government’s stance, emphasizing that if the government desired to silence opposition voices, it should suspend all MPs. He reiterated the demand for the Home Minister’s accountability and urged action against the individual who facilitated the intrusion.

Congress MP Karti Chidambaram emphasized that the government’s suspension of MPs was a direct attempt to suppress dissent and opposition demands for accountability. He stressed the necessity for either the Prime Minister or Home Minister to provide a comprehensive statement addressing the recent events and outlining preventive measures for the future.

The security breach, where two individuals breached the Lok Sabha from the visitors’ gallery, led to chaos before courageous MPs intervened. The Opposition’s persistent demand for Shah’s statement on the security scare remained unmet.

Amid continued disruptions in both houses of Parliament, the Lok Sabha Speaker wielded the gavel and suspended 14 Opposition MPs, including nine from the Congress, for the remainder of the Winter Session due to unruly conduct. TMC’s Derek O’Brien also faced suspension from the Rajya Sabha amidst the tumultuous proceedings.


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