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India’s G20 Presidency Costs Revealed: Expenditure Breakdown Unveiled

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The Indian government disclosed to Parliament on Thursday that approximately Rs.416.19 crore has been utilized for India’s G20 presidency and Summit. Responding to inquiries raised by Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge, Union Minister of State for External Affairs, V. Muraleedharan, outlined that out of the allocated Rs.1,310 crore budget for the G20 Summit, only about Rs.416.19 crore had been expended as of December 11, 2023.

Muraleedharan delineated that the bulk of this expenditure was directed towards orchestrating more than 200 meetings spanning 60 locations across the country. This included the high-profile Leaders’ Summit held in New Delhi on September 9–10, 2023.

The expenses encompassed various facets such as conferencing, venue charges, development and maintenance of the G-20 website, administrative outlays, and branding efforts, among others.

Detailed breakdowns showcased that approximately Rs.118 crore was allocated to hotels and meeting venues, Rs.49.02 crore to local transportation, Rs.7.36 crore for arranging special flights to remote locations, and Rs.3.42 crore as grants to knowledge partners.

Moreover, specific allotments were earmarked, including Rs.32.50 crore for branding and publicity, Rs.7 crore for “professional services,” and Rs.2 crore for “establishment costs,” as stated by the minister.

Additionally, Rs.10.31 crores were attributed to “IT/Website/Cyber-security” expenses, and Rs.25.52 crores were accounted for under miscellaneous expenditures, based on the provided data.

Muraleedharan highlighted that while substantial amounts have already been utilized, there are pending bills regarding these expenses that are still in the process of being received and processed.

The comprehensive breakdown of these expenses offers insights into the substantial financial outlay incurred by India during its tenure as the host of the G20 Summit, shedding light on the diverse areas where allocated funds were deployed.

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