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New Parliament Building Inauguration: PM Modi takes a swipe at Opposition’s boycott

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, after returning from his visits to Japan, Papua New Guinea, and Australia, took a veiled dig at the opposition parties for boycotting the inauguration of the new Parliament building. The opposition parties accused PM Modi of disrespecting President Droupadi Murmu and undermining democracy by inaugurating the building without her involvement. In response, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) condemned the opposition’s boycott, considering it a blatant affront to democratic values.

PM Modi also highlighted the participation of Australian opposition members in a community event during his visit and criticized the opposition’s questioning of vaccine exports during the pandemic.

Nearly 20 opposition parties announced their decision to boycott the inauguration, criticizing PM Modi for sidelining President Murmu and disregarding democratic principles. They contended that his decision insulted the President’s office and violated the spirit of inclusion. The opposition parties argued that the PM’s act undermined the significance of celebrating India’s first woman Adivasi President and expressed concern over the erosion of democratic values due to the disqualification and silencing of opposition MPs.

In response to the opposition’s criticism, PM Modi defended his decision and condemned their accusations. He highlighted India’s compassionate approach, stating that even in times of crisis, the country provided vaccines to the world because it is the land of Buddha and Gandhi, rooted in compassion. The PM aimed to portray the opposition’s questioning of vaccine exports as a lack of understanding and appreciation for India’s principles and values, stated a report in NDTV.

The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) strongly condemned the opposition’s decision to boycott the inauguration, considering it a direct assault on democratic values and the ethos of the nation. They accused the opposition of undermining the democratic process by disqualifying, suspending, and silencing opposition MPs. The NDA criticized the opposition for disregarding the importance of the new Parliament building, arguing that it symbolizes the strength and functioning of democracy.

Prime Minister Modi referenced his recent community event in Sydney, Australia, where a diverse audience of over 20,000 people gathered, including the Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, and former Prime Minister. He emphasized that both ruling party members and opposition MPs attended the event, uniting for the betterment of their nation. The PM’s remarks aimed to contrast this cooperative spirit with the opposition’s decision to boycott the inauguration of the new Parliament building.



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