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NCP MP Supriya Sule Raises Concerns Over Deteriorating Air Quality in Maharashtra

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Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Member of Parliament, Supriya Sule, has expressed deep concerns over the deteriorating air quality in the growing cities of Maharashtra, including Mumbai and Pune. Sule’s comments come amidst growing worries about air pollution levels in the region.

Sule alleged that the government, often referred to as the “triple-engine government,” has overlooked its responsibility to serve the state effectively. She emphasized the alarming situation of air pollution and its impact on the residents, particularly the youth and senior citizens in these urban centers. Sule called for a more scientific approach to urban development while acknowledging the need for progress.

“It’s alarming, and I’m very concerned about the air pollution in all the growing cities, especially in Delhi, where the schools are shut. In Mumbai and Pune, we can’t even see the buildings beyond a point. I’m not against any development, but the way it has to progress, there has to be some scientific method of doing it. I see young children and senior citizens suffering. Even doctors are giving feedback that there is a problem with this air quality. It is very, very worrisome, and the government needs to act on it,” MP Sule told ANI.

She also criticized what she described as a “policy paralysis” within the state of Maharashtra, laying the blame squarely on the government. Sule stressed the importance of governance, stating that it goes beyond political maneuvering and involves serving the nation’s citizens effectively.

“The government is to be blamed. What is government? Government is about administration. It is their moral duty. It is not about breaking parties, ED, CBI, and Income Tax. Governance is not only about being in power and sitting in a helicopter or a private plane and running to Delhi every 15 days. Leadership and being in power are about serving the nation. And this entire triple-engine sarkar has forgotten to serve the state. There is full policy paralysis in Maharashtra,” MP Sule added.

Sule’s remarks highlight the pressing issue of air quality in Maharashtra and the need for a comprehensive and scientific approach to address the growing environmental concerns in the region.


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