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Mystery Surrounds Reported Blast Near Israel Embassy in Delhi

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Delhi was rocked by reports of a potential explosion near the Israel Embassy today, triggering a swift response from authorities. However, amidst the chaos and alarms raised, the mystery deepens as no evidence of explosives has been found in the area thus far.

The Delhi Police received a distressing call, alleging a bomb blast near the Israel Embassy, prompting an immediate reaction from law enforcement agencies. Atul Garg, director of Delhi Fire Services, confirmed the call, stating they had been notified about a potential explosion but asserted that no evidence corroborating the claim has been discovered at the site yet.

While the authorities continue their thorough search of the area, reports surfaced, citing Israel’s foreign ministry via Reuters, affirming that an explosion sound had indeed been heard in close proximity to the Israel Embassy in New Delhi. Strikingly, despite the audible blast, the embassy assured that none of its staff members suffered any injuries.

Israeli Embassy spokesperson Guy Nir provided a statement to the press, confirming the occurrence of a blast near their premises around 5:20 PM. This assertion aligned with the reports of a loud sound resonating near the embassy.

The involvement of the Delhi Police’s crime unit team and forensics experts at the location highlights the seriousness with which the situation is being treated. Their presence signifies a meticulous examination to ascertain the veracity of the reported blast and to unearth any potential evidence that might shed light on this puzzling incident.

As the investigation continues, this incident brings to mind previous occurrences near the Israel Embassy, reminding many of the delicate security environment that surrounds such diplomatic missions. However, until concrete evidence emerges, this recent episode remains shrouded in uncertainty, leaving the authorities and the public alike awaiting answers to unravel the truth behind the reported blast near the Israel Embassy in Delhi.

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