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Harmonies Unveiled: ‘Mantrakshare’ and ‘Bhakti & Shakti’ Paintings Merge in a Captivating Joint Exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery

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The city will be treated to the artwork of painter and calligrapher Shri Subhash Jamdade and Shri Suresh Gosavi.

The world of art and spirituality joins hands with painters Shri Subhash Jamdade and Shri Suresh Gosavi, whose artworks, respectively ‘Mantrakshare’ and ‘Bhakti & Shakti,’ have brought tranquility and serendipity to the city. The artwork has already gained momentum among art lovers and enthusiasts from December 26, 2023, to January 1, 2024, at the prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery in Fort, Mumbai.

Both hailing from Pune and being alumni of Abhinav Art College, these artists have garnered acclaim through numerous solo exhibitions in Pune and Mumbai. This joint showcase promises to be a unique convergence of their distinctive artistic styles.

Distinguished calligrapher Shri Subhash Jamdade is renowned for his unique fusion of calligraphy and painting. In this exhibition, the audience feels like they are on a spiritual voyage, delving into the realms of Hindu culture and worship mantras. Through creative experimentation, he has manifested inspiring works of art, particularly emphasizing the Omkar and Gayatri Mantra.

The exhibition explores the intersection of letter shapes, calligraphic backgrounds, vibrant color schemes, and textured illustrations. Viewers are invited into a world where dynamism, light, and shadows converge, creating an immersive experience resonating with devotional vibrations. Notably, Jamdade’s abstract representation of Lord Ganesha showcases his unique artistic style, leaving spectators in awe of the profound consciousness embedded in his creations.

Devotion takes center stage in Shri Suresh Gosavi’s ‘Bhakti & Shakti’ series, where the artist channels his unwavering commitment to painting. Gosavi’s work summarizes the transformative power of devotion, providing viewers with a sense of peace and renewed hope.

His series navigates through different forms of devotion – from the innocence of children to the fervor of Varkaris and the sheer power embodied by Mahakaya Elephants. The paintings weave a tapestry of devotional experiences, utilizing effective coloring and symbolic elements that transport art enthusiasts into a realm of introspection and joy.

The ‘Mantrakshare’ and ‘Bhakti & Shakti’ exhibition will grace the Jehangir Art Gallery until January 1, 2024, offering Mumbaikars a unique opportunity to witness the spiritual synergy created by these two distinguished artists. All art aficionados, admirers, and the culturally curious are invited to immerse themselves in the profound beauty and artistic prowess on display at this not-to-be-missed event.


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