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MK Stalin Defends Son Udhayanidhi Over Sanathan Dharma Controversy, Questions PM Modi’s Remarks

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MK Stalin, the DMK president and Chief Minister, came to the defense of his son, Udhayanidhi Stalin, regarding the Sanathan Dharma controversy. He expressed his disappointment that Prime Minister Narendra Modi commented on the issue without fully grasping the context.

Stalin questioned whether the Prime Minister was speaking without awareness of the falsehoods spread about Udhayanidhi or if he was doing so knowingly. He highlighted a recent instance where the Prime Minister spoke in Parliament without knowing the truth about a purported video clip of Tamil Nadu Minister E.V. Velu.

Stalin clarified that Udhayanidhi had merely expressed his views on Sanatan principles that discriminate against Scheduled Castes, Tribals, and Women. He cited prominent leaders in India’s history who had spoken out against regressive ideologies, such as Thanthai Periyar, Mahatma Phule, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Narayana Guru, Vallalaar, and Vaikuntar.

Stalin emphasized that Udhayanidhi’s comments aimed to eradicate practices based on oppressive ideologies and called for equal rights for the oppressed and women.

He criticized pro-BJP forces for spreading false narratives and alleged that Udhayanidhi called for the genocide of people with Sanatan thoughts, which Udhayanidhi had never said.

Stalin questioned why Union Ministers and State Chief Ministers from the BJP did not verify Udhayanidhi’s statements before condemning him, even after his denial.

He also mentioned a self-proclaimed seer from Uttar Pradesh who burned Udhayanidhi’s photo and placed a bounty on his head, questioning whether the Uttar Pradesh Government took any action against him.

Stalin raised concerns about the government’s priorities, highlighting issues like Manipur and irregularities in the CAG report that went unaddressed while the cabinet convened on Sanatan.

He referred to Mr. Prakash Ambedkar’s statement about Sanatan Dharma believing in untouchability and questioned whether the Prime Minister had an answer.

Stalin reiterated the DMK’s transparent and clear ideals, emphasizing their motto of ‘One clan, One god’ and their commitment to uplifting the poor. He warned the BJP against attempting to tarnish the DMK’s reputation.

In a separate statement, Udhayanidhi accused PM Modi and his associates of using the Sanatana ploy to divert attention from pressing issues such as the Manipur killings and corruption worth ₹7.5 lakh crore.


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