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DMK Minister A Raja Sparks Controversy with Derogatory Comments on Sanatan Dharma

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As the controversy surrounding Udhayanidhi Stalin’s remarks on Sanatan Dharma continues to ignite a political storm, another prominent DMK minister and Lok Sabha MP, A Raja, has stirred the pot with derogatory comments about Sanatan Dharma. His comments have further inflamed the debate surrounding this issue.

In a recent statement, A Raja allegedly asserted that Udhayanidhi’s comparison of Sanatan Dharma to diseases like malaria and dengue did not go far enough. He went on to make a controversial analogy, suggesting that Sanatan Dharma should be likened to HIV and the associated social stigmas. These remarks have elicited strong reactions from various quarters.

Furthermore, A Raja expressed his readiness to engage in a debate on the topic of Sanatan Dharma if given the opportunity, indicating his willingness to defend his stance on this contentious issue.

The initial controversy erupted when Udhayanidhi Stalin made remarks critical of Sanatan Dharma during a function in Chennai on September 3. In his speech, he advocated not only opposing but eradicating Sanatan Dharma, drawing widespread attention and sparking vigorous debates within both political and social circles.

The ensuing discourse has raised questions about the boundaries of freedom of speech and the role of religion in the political landscape, as well as how political figures choose to express their opinions on sensitive topics. The controversy remains a significant point of contention in the public sphere, with various voices weighing in on the matter.


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