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Meerut: Out To Buy Milk, Woman Lawyer Shot Dead Outside Residence

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A woman was tragically shot dead on Wednesday morning outside her house in New Mevla Colony in Meerut. The incident occurred while the woman was returning home after purchasing milk from the local market. The location comes in the jurisdiction of the TP Nagar police station. The police have sent the victim’s body for postmortem and believe that the murder is likely linked to an ongoing dispute concerning her divorce.

The deceased, identified as Anjali Garg, was a 35-year-old lawyer stated local reports. She was involved in a long-time dispute with her husband, Nitin Garg, who had recently initiated divorce proceedings.

Anjali had been living separately from her husband in the same colony for some time. It appears that the assailants took advantage of her return from the market and targeted her as she reached the doorstep of her house, shooting and killing her.


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