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Maharashtra: Ahmednagar to be renamed as Ahilya Devi Holkar Nagar, announces CM Shinde

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Ahmednagar, a city with a rich historical legacy, is set to embrace a new name. In a significant announcement, the Chief Minister, Eknath Shinde, declared that Ahmednagar will be renamed as Ahilyadevi Holkar Nagar.

The announcement was made by the CM while addressing th event of birth anniversary celebration of Ahilyabai Holkar in Chaundi of Ahmednagar district.

DCM Devendra Fadnavis made the demand while speaking at the event, and it was immediately accepted by CM Shinde during his speech.

Speaking at the event, CM Shinde said they were fortunate that this announcement was being made during their tenure.

“The name of Ahilyadevi Holkar resonates as profoundly as the Himalayas. Ahilyadevi has done tremendous work for the farmers and the laborious. The decision of the state government to rename Ahmednagar as Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Nagar is a tribute to her legacy. It is our good fortune to witness the renaming of Ahmednagar during our government’s tenure. Today, we have the privilege of being witnesses to this historic event. Those who came here with the intention of engaging in politics were removed from power within 20 days. We have accomplished the task of bringing them down from their positions,” CM Eknath Shinde said.

If it were not for Ahilyadevi Holkar, we would not have seen Kashi. Ahilya Devi Holkar never discriminated between people, said DCM Devendra fadnavis.

This renaming pays homage to Ahilyabai Holkar, a remarkable female ruler who left an indelible mark on Indian history. As the ruler of the Malwa kingdom during the 18th century, Ahilyabai Holkar not only exemplified the ideals of dharma but also played a pivotal role in fostering industrialisation, leaving a lasting legacy of progress and empowerment.

The city of Ahmednagar was founded on May 28, 1490, by Malik Ahmad, the Sultan of Ahmadnagar. Recently, Ahmednagar city completed 532 years since its establishment. The name Ahmednagar was derived from the name of Nizam Shah, Malik Ahmad. There was a demand to rename Ahmednagar after Ahilyadevi Holkar.


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