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Maha Minister Dada Bhuse Faces Heat On Remarks Over Soaring Onion Prices

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Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Sanjay Raut launched a scathing attack on the Maharashtra government and Maharashtra minister Dada Bhuse, criticising the government’s handling of soaring onion prices. Raut, in no uncertain terms, expressed his belief that the current government has forfeited its right to govern due to its failure to address the escalating onion crisis.

Highlighting the significance of onions as a staple food for the poor, Raut emphasized that farmers in Maharashtra, who themselves rely on onions as a staple diet, are now struggling to afford this essential commodity.

“Onion, the bhakri companion, has become unattainable for the very farmers who cultivate it. If the people cannot even afford onions, then the legitimacy of this administration is questionable. This situation goes against the very essence of Maharashtra’s cultural ethos,” said Raut.

Ambadas Danve, the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, took aim at Dada Bhuse, a minister in the state government. Criticising the government’s apparent insensitivity towards the onion crisis, Danve questioned the ruling government’s lack of concern for the plight of ordinary citizens.

He also said that Bhuse, as a representative of the administration, asserted such an insensitive remark towards the poor public that may end up having serious implications on their government.

Danve emphasized that such an attitude reflects a neglection of duty and a blatant disregard for the well-being of the population. He further pointed out that the government’s attempts to evade responsibility by offering evasive statements only serve to deepen the distrust among the public.

Amidst ongoing protests by farmers and traders against the central government’s decision to levy a 40 per cent export duty on onions, Maharashtra’s Minister of Agriculture, Dada Bhuse, entered the fray with his own contentious remarks. “When you use a vehicle worth Rs 10 lakh, you can buy produce at a higher rate by Rs 10 or Rs 20 than the retail rate. Those who cannot afford to buy onion, it would make no difference if they do not eat it for two-four months,” Bhuse said.

He argued that even though the imposition of export duty was intended to curb rising prices and stabilize domestic supplies, it should have been executed in a more coordinated manner.

The Union government’s imposition of the export duty, valid until December 31, 2023, stirred debate on its effectiveness in balancing economic concerns with the essential needs of the public.


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