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Leader of Banned Organization Sikhs For Justice Issues Threat to Disrupt Air India Flights

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In a concerning development, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a prominent figure associated with the Khalistan movement and the head of the banned organization Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), has once again released a video, in which he issues a threat to disrupt Air India flights on November 19. In the video, which bears the Sikhs For Justice watermark, Pannun can be heard making a troubling statement.

“We urge the Sikh community to refrain from traveling on Air India. As part of a global blockade on November 19, we will not allow Air India to operate. We advise all members of the Sikh community not to use Air India services from November 19, as it may pose a risk to your life,” Pannun warned.

Additionally, Pannun issued a stern warning to the Indian government, stating that the Indira Gandhi Airport would be shut down on November 19. He mentioned that this date coincides with the final match of the Cricket World Cup 2023, referred to as the “World Terror Cup.”

Gurpatwant Singh Pannun’s involvement in the Khalistan movement has been a subject of concern for authorities. He has been associated with the banned SFJ, an organization advocating for an independent Sikh state. Pannun’s statements and actions have raised alarm within the Indian government, particularly in relation to national security.

The Khalistan movement has a history of advocating for an independent Sikh state, and it has been a source of tension in India for several decades. In his video message, Pannun asserted that the struggle for Punjab’s independence has already commenced with the Khalistan referendum, and he expressed his belief that Indian military assets cannot prevent its realization.

It’s important to note that such threats and statements by individuals or organizations promoting violence and disruption are taken very seriously by authorities, and measures to ensure the safety and security of citizens are likely to be put in place. The situation will continue to be monitored closely by relevant authorities to prevent any potential security threats.


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