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Gujarat: Family ‘sacrifices’ minor daughter in Gir


In a case of suspected human sacrifice, a family in Dhara Gir Village of Gir Somnath district has been accused of killing their 14-year-old daughter, police said on Thursday.

The police and Forensic Science Laboratory team were collecting evidence in the case after the villagers informed the police that the family had sacrificed their daughter on Navratri’s Atham (October 3) for financial benefits, and her death was not registered with the village panchayat. The villagers alleged that the minor’s body was cremated in the family’s farm at midnight.

Gir Somnath District Superintendent of Police Manoharsinh Jadeja told the local media that the parents were the suspects in the mysterious death of the minor.

Police collected her ashes from the farm of the Bhavesh Akabari on Wednesday. “During questioning, the father Bhavesh is constantly changing his statements. An FSL report can guide police in further investigation,” said a police source.

According to a police officer, the girl was studying in Surat till six months ago, where Bhavesh had his business. For unknown reasons, the parents took her leaving certificate from the school and brought her to the native village and kept her in the farm.

Villagers are alleging that the child was sacrificed on October 3rd night with a hope that it will bring prosperity for the family. The family also had a false motion that the child would be reborn, so they kept the body for four days. After that in the presence of very few family members and relatives, the child was cremated in the farm which created suspicion in some villagers who informed the police.


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