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Grammy Nomination for “Abundance in Millets” Featuring Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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In a groundbreaking move at this year’s Grammy Awards, the song “Abundance in Millets” has garnered significant attention by receiving a nomination. The track, composed and sung by Falguni Shah and Gaurav Shah, boasts a unique collaboration with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who appears in the music video advocating for the importance of millets in our daily lives.

Notably, the song has been penned by the talented duo of Falguni Shah and Gaurav Shah, along with contributions from Kenya Autie, Greg Gonzalez, and Soumya Chatterjee. Autie, who also produced the music video, added a visual dimension to the powerful message embedded in the song.

“Abundance in Millets” was strategically launched to amplify awareness about the significance of incorporating millets into our diets. This initiative aligns with the global observation of 2023 as the International Year of Millets, highlighting their nutritional value and environmental sustainability.

In the music video, Prime Minister Modi emphasizes the pivotal role millets can play in benefiting farmers across the country. His appearance adds a distinctive touch to the song, enhancing its impact and reach.

On social media platform X, PM Modi expressed his admiration for the creative endeavor, stating, “Very creative and will inspire more people to embrace millets for healthy living!” This endorsement from the Prime Minister further underscores the song’s potential to drive positive change in dietary habits.

The recent address by Prime Minister Modi at the World Food India 2023 solidified his commitment to promoting millets as part of India’s ‘Super Food Bucket.’ This recognition at a global level through a Grammy nomination marks a significant milestone in raising awareness about millets and their potential to revolutionize food practices for a healthier and more sustainable future.


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