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Government to Introduce Regulations Targeting Deepfakes, Says IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw

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IT Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has declared deepfakes as a significant threat to democracy and announced the government’s forthcoming regulations to counter this menace. In a meeting with social media platforms, the minister highlighted the imperative need for clear, actionable steps to combat deepfakes effectively.

Vaishnaw stated that discussions with social media companies emphasized the necessity for measures encompassing detection, prevention, reinforcing reporting mechanisms, and enhancing user awareness concerning deepfakes. He affirmed the government’s commitment to swiftly address this issue through the formulation of new regulations.

“We will commence drafting regulations today itself, intending to implement a new set of rules promptly to address deepfakes. This could involve amending existing frameworks or introducing new legislation,” Vaishnaw confirmed during a press briefing.

Highlighting the proactive approach, Vaishnaw indicated that the upcoming meeting in early December will focus on executing the decisions made and determining the content of the draft regulation. Deepfakes, which manipulate media content through artificial intelligence, pose a risk by convincingly altering visuals or audio to misrepresent or impersonate individuals.

The government’s intent to swiftly address this emerging threat underscores its commitment to safeguarding the integrity of media and information in the digital realm. Vaishnaw’s announcement signals an upcoming framework tailored to combat the challenges posed by deepfake technology, fortifying the regulatory landscape against deceptive and manipulated content.


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