Goats to be slaughter only in licensed slaughterhouses – High Court


Mumbai: The Bombay High Court has directed the Brihanmumbai Mumbai Corporation (BMC) to ensure that slaughter of goats is prohibited in private societies and public places and it the goats should be slaughtered only in licensed slaughterhouses prescribed by the BMC. These orders are imposed against the backdrop of the upcoming Eid.

The High Court has earlier banned the slaughter of goats in private places other than licensed slaughterhouses in Deonar. A Santacruz resident, Rajesh Kumar Kanojia, had filed a petition in the court in connection with the verdict.

The petitioners have expressed that the goat slaughter should be prohibited in meat shops as there is chances of people gathering in large number and therefore there will be rush of customers and the rules of lockdown and social distancing will be violated. According to Kanojia there is a meat shop on the ground floor of the building and due to the meat-shop there is no cleanliness in the building.

Such an allegation has been made by the petitioner. Many such slaughterhouses in the city suburbs are operating without a license and its waste are not disposed of properly due to which there is a breath to the health of citizens.

The case was heard via video conferencing on Friday before a bench of Justices Shah Rukh Kathawala and Riaz Chagla. The shop keeper claims that he had license issued by the BMC. However, this claim was rejected by the Municipal Corporation.

“The mutton from Deonar slaughterhouse is allowed to be brought, stored and sold, but goat slaughtering is not allowed”, said Urja Dhond, Advocate for the BMC. Only licensed butchers are allowed to slaughter goats. The bench directed the meat sellers not to slaughter goat in the building premises, she added.

In Eid, the Muslim community buys goats in large quantities for sacrifice as rituals. But this year, due to Covid 19, the state government has issued guidelines for Eid.-By Vikas Mag

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