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Gadchiroli sets an example for Mumbai, this time over social distancing

While Mumbaikars created unnecessary crowding, people in Gadchiroli followed the instruction in total. The district has not reported any Corona patient till now.

Mumbai: Be it politics of social responsibilities, people in rural Gadchiroli district are one step ahead of their fellow counterparts in cosmopolitan Mumbai. After setting an example by showing immense political maturity by near 100% voting in almost all the elections, people in Gadchiroli have set an example by strictly following social distancing, as directed by the government. Mumbaikars can take a leaf out of their book which will be useful in future.

After the daylong Janata Curfew on March 22, thousands of Mumbaikars virtually took it to street and clogged the roads in Mumbai, including Mulund Toll Plaza. Many of them had come out only to take the pulse of situation!

Similarly, after the announcement of nation-wide lockdown, on March 24, the situation was no different in Mumbai. Hundreds of people resorted to panic buying as if there was no tomorrow. The situation in most of the major cities was the same. It not only exposed the people to deadly Corona virus, but also put tremendous pressure on the civic and police administration. As a result, those who ventured out without any valid reason had to face police action. The mindless act of such people also posed problems for those engaged in the emergency and essential services.

While the urban and cosmopolitan people of the state were finding ways and reasons to defy the lockdown, those in Gadchiroli city and district set an example. People in Gadchiroli are strictly following social distance since the government instructed it. Markings have been made near shops to keep people one meter away from each other while buying essential commodities. The daily routine is going on smoothly and most importantly, as a result of strict adherence to social distancing, Corona virus is kept at bay. Gadchiroli district has not reported even a single case of Corona positive. Urban and cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune need to take lesson from Gadchiroli.

Ashwin Aghor
Ashwin Aghor
Editor (Politics and Investigation) - A senior journalist who has 20 years of experience in journalism. He writes on politics, infrastructure and environment. He had worked with English daily DNA and BBC.


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