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From ‘Raj Tilak’ to ‘Vanvas’: Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Reflections on Political Journey Post CM Tenure

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Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, resonating with the electorate in his Budhni constituency, struck an emotional chord on Wednesday, affirming his commitment to remain amidst the community despite the challenges that often follow a period of leadership.

“I will not go anywhere. I will live here and die here,” declared Chouhan, responding to the impassioned pleas of a couple of women in the audience who implored him not to depart, addressing him as “bhaiyya (brother).”

Chouhan, a seasoned BJP leader who held the chief ministerial position for four terms, assured the audience that the government’s initiatives, particularly those beneficial to farmers like the ‘Ladli Behena Awas Yojana,’ would persist under the new administration. He reflected on the significance of embarking on a metaphorical ‘vanvas’ or exile after the coronation, suggesting it often serves the greater purpose of fulfilling larger objectives.

Affectionately naming his residence, a government bungalow in Bhopal, as “Mama Ka Ghar” (Uncle’s Home), Chouhan emphasized its open doors policy, extending a welcoming gesture to all. Situated in the upscale 74 Bungalows locality off Link Road No. 1 in the state capital, this residence became his abode subsequent to vacating the CM’s house after relinquishing his top post last month.

Chouhan’s victory from his stronghold in Budhni, securing a substantial margin of 1.04 lakh votes in the recent Madhya Pradesh assembly elections, solidified the Bharatiya Janata Party’s triumphant win of 163 out of 230 seats. The party successfully navigated anti-incumbency sentiments, maintaining its stronghold in a state it has governed for two decades.

In contrast, the Congress found itself in a distant second place, securing victory in 66 assembly segments, while one seat was claimed by the Bharat Adivasi Party.

Chouhan’s words resonate with a commitment to serve his constituency, symbolizing a continuity of initiatives and a dedication to the people of Budhni, embodying the spirit of unwavering allegiance and service to the community he represents.

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