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France Riots: After Days Of Unrest, Body Of Teenager Who Was Shot Dead Buried In Private Funeral

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The body of 17-year-old deceased teenager, Nahel, who was shot dead by police in France’s Nanterre on Tuesday (June 27) was buried with mourners and anguished community members in the solemn procession from the mosque to the cemetery, reported AP. The killing of the teenager at the hands of police triggered a nationwide protests and outrage that entered its fifth day on Sunday.

Over 2,000 people were arrested by police following four to five days of rioting and protests against the killing of the teenager. More than 200 police personnel sustained injuries in the riots and clashes with protestors. Close to 500 people were arrested on Saturday night itself, even as there was some lull in the violence. The police and rioters had clashed in Marseille, Nice.

The protests which broke out after the killing of the teenager soon turned into nationwide unrest. Visuals and pictures on social media and broadcasters showed the extent of rioting as people took to the streets in thousands and clashed with the cops.

Meanwhile, France President Emmanuel Macron, who was scheduled to visit Germany this week, postponed his visit given the volatile situation in France due to the rioting. Experts in France called the rioting the biggest test for President Macron. Earlier, France was rocked by protests over pension reforms, which had also led to the postponement of King Charles visit to France.


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