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FDA finds 27 companies manufacturing cough expectorants guilty

Show cause notices issued to 17 companies, 4 companies asked to stop production and licences of 6 companies terminated

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Mumbai: The Maharashtra government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspected 84 companies manufacturing cough expectorants. The FDA has issued Show Cause notices to 17 companies, while four other companies have been instructed to stop their production and licences of six other companies have been terminated, informed Food and Drug Administration Minister Sanjay Rathod on Friday.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) pointed out that 66 children may have died after consuming the cough expectorants that were exported from our country owing to the harmful ingredients in it. Later it was mandatory to export medicines manufactured within the state after conducting the stability test. But it has been found that in February 2023, 2,000 medicines manufactured by over 200 drug manufacturers in the state were being exported without any kind of stability test certificate.

Bringing this to the notice of the Legislative Assembly, BJP MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar, through the calling attention motion, pointed out that inquiry must be set up on the 200 drug manufacturing companies and licences must be terminated for those found guilty. Considering the intensity of the offence, MLA Adv. Ashish Shelar demanded that a case of culpable homicide must be registered against the said companies.

In response to this, minister Sanjay Rathod said that the World Health Organisation (WHO) had issued a report on the death of 66 children in Gambia in October 2022. Accordingly, the Food and Drug Administration of the government had issued a circular dated October 7, 2022 stating that inspections will be carried out against manufacturers of oral syrups. 84 companies were inspected. A total of 27 companies were found to have flawed the stability test requirement. Necessary action has been taken against them.

In Maharashtra, there are 996 Allopathic manufacturers, of which 514 manufacturers export their products. Also, last year, nearly 8,259 retailers were inspected. Of these, show cause notices were sent to 2,000 retailers, licences of 424 were cancelled and offences were registered against 56 retailers, the minister informed. The minister also assured that since this matter was serious, a meeting will be held soon. Leader of the Opposition, Ajit Pawar and MLAs Yogesh Sagar and Jaikumar Rawal had participated in this discussion. Even Presiding Officer Sanjay Shirsat directed the state government to take serious note of the matter.


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