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Farmers in Dire Straits: Congress Chief Nana Patole Urges Immediate Aid, Slams BJP’s Priorities

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Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee President Nana Patole has lashed out at the BJP government for its perceived indifference towards distressed farmers, urging immediate assistance while criticizing the allocation of funds towards events and publicity rather than agricultural support.

In a fervent address to the media at Tilak Bhawan, Patole highlighted the severe crisis faced by farmers in the state, emphasizing the repeated appeals made to the BJP government for aid. Expressing deep concern over the reported extremities, he stated, “Due to the insensitive BJP government, farmers are talking about selling their organs to repay their debts. Why is it that the government has resources for lavish events and publicity but not for the farmers?”

Patole underscored the devastating impact of unseasonal rains, which have exacerbated the losses incurred by farmers, rendering both cropping seasons this year practically wasted due to natural calamities. He accused the BJP government of playing politics even in the declaration of drought, emphasizing their failure to address the plight of distressed farmers.

“The BJP government is anti-farmer and deeply insensitive,” Patole declared, vowing that the Congress party would advocate for farmers’ concerns in the upcoming winter session, ensuring due compensation and support. While urging farmers to maintain patience and refrain from extreme measures, he rallied for unity among farmers, emphasizing that their collective strength could compel the government to acknowledge their plight.

The Congress state president also raised concerns about the Maratha reservation issue, pointing out objections raised by a senior minister on the Shinde committee appointed by the government. Patole questioned the necessity of this committee in light of existing frameworks and criticized the government’s handling of the reservation issue, suggesting that their actions could deepen rifts within communities.

He called for a clear stance from the BJP government on the reservation matter and advocated for a caste-based census, citing precedents set by other state governments. Patole emphasized that the Maharashtra government’s reluctance to conduct such a census was perplexing, despite its potential to provide crucial insights into addressing social disparities.

The remarks by Nana Patole reflect the urgency and gravity of the situation faced by farmers in Maharashtra, calling for immediate action and a reevaluation of government priorities towards agrarian distress and social harmony.


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