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Congress Sounds Alarm: Voting Rights at Risk if BJP Reigns Again, Warns Nana Patole

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Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee President Nana Patole has issued a grave warning, expressing concerns over potential threats to the voting rights of common citizens if the BJP secures power in the upcoming elections. Patole’s apprehension, voiced during a Constitution Day event, underscored the significance of safeguarding democratic principles.

The Constitution Day celebrations, organized by the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee’s Scheduled Caste department and Mumbai Congress Scheduled Caste department at BN Vaidya Auditorium, Dadar, witnessed the commencement of a symbolic distribution of one lakh copies of the constitution. The event commenced with a Constitution march from Rajgriha to B.N. Vaidhya auditorium, attended by several prominent leaders including All India Congress Committee SC, ST, OBC, Minority Section Coordinator K. Raju, and Chairman of SC Division of All India Congress Committee Rajesh Lilothia, among others.

Patole’s address during the event raised poignant concerns about the integrity of democratic institutions. He pointedly criticized the BJP’s tenure, alleging a weakening of the pillars of democracy and citing encroachments on media freedom, administrative autonomy, and judiciary interference. Patole drew attention to the BJP’s alleged attempts to control crucial facets of governance, asserting that the BJP’s actions jeopardized Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s legacy of social justice.

Additionally, K. Raju, the Coordinator of All India Congress Committee of SC, ST, OBC, Minority cell, echoed Patole’s sentiments, emphasizing the need to protect the constitution from subversion. Raju accused the BJP and RSS of disregarding the constitution and striving to manipulate it to further their agendas, calling for unified efforts to thwart these attempts.

Rajesh Lilothia, chairman of the SC department of the All India Congress Committee, highlighted the BJP’s alleged efforts to weaken the constitution, asserting that the Congress initiative to distribute copies of the constitution aimed to reinforce the importance of democracy and constitutional values.

Mumbai Congress president and former minister Varsha Gaikwad condemned the narrative propagated by certain groups that disrespected the sanctity of the constitution. Gaikwad emphasized the pivotal role of the constitution in upholding democracy and voiced support for delivering copies of the constitution to every household as a means of countering divisive ideologies.

The event, inaugurated by Siddharth Hattambire and Kachru Yadav, also paid homage to the martyrs of the 26/11 terrorist attacks and commenced with a collective reading of the Preamble of the constitution. Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge and MP Rahul Gandhi conveyed messages in support of the distribution initiative and the event’s significance in protecting democratic values.

The day’s proceedings reflected a unified stance by the Congress party in defending the constitution and democratic ethos, highlighting concerns over perceived threats posed by the BJP’s alleged agenda.


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