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BJP MLC Gopichand Padalkar Urges Deputy CM Fadnavis to Address Dhangar Community Concerns

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BJP MLC Gopichand Padalkar has raised concerns over the handling of issues pertaining to the Dhangar community and has urged Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis to take immediate action against government officers for their alleged insensitive approach.

In a letter addressed to Deputy CM Fadnavis, Padalkar highlighted the mishandling of the Dhangar community’s demands by government officials, emphasizing the need for action against those responsible for mishandling the situation.

Padalkar’s letter specifically addressed the mishandling of the issue of including the Dhangar community in the Scheduled Tribes (ST) category. Despite a list of demands and a 50-day ultimatum issued to the state government, no action was taken, leading to widespread protests across various parts of the state.

Notably, on November 21, 2023, notices regarding the implementation of reservation were provided to offices in each Tehsildar, District, and Collectorate office in a peaceful manner. However, the Collector of Jalna, Dr. Krishnanath Panchal, despite being informed a day in advance and reportedly expressing readiness, did not accept the statement at the designated time.

Expressing strong disapproval of the handling of the situation, Padalkar highlighted the responsibility of the Collector of Jalna, attributing the resultant strong reactions from the Dhangar community to the alleged negligence on the official’s part.

Padalkar emphasized the need for a sensitive approach towards such community-centric issues and condemned the order by Inspector General of Police, Dyaneshwar Chavan, to register cases against 36 individuals, some of whom reportedly are not even from the Dhangar community.

“I publicly condemn any government officer who fails to handle such sensitive matters appropriately,” Padalkar asserted, urging Deputy CM Fadnavis to conduct a thorough investigation into the actions of the Collector of Jalna and take strict action accordingly.

Padalkar’s letter underscores the urgency of addressing the grievances of the Dhangar community and ensuring fair and sensitive handling of their demands, urging swift action against any official found negligent in their duties.


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