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‘Don’t Roam In Lungi Or Nighty’: Society In Noida Issues Circular On Dress Code To Residents

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We all have that one attire that gives us the most comfort, for some it might be nightwear too. You might have seen people in your vicinity casually walking outdoors in their comfortable clothes, even if that was a lungi or a nighty. As some might condemn that such dresses must be restricted to homes only and not be worn in public, a society in Noida asked its residents to do the same.

A society in Noida identified as Himsagar Apartment has created some buzz and gone viral for a circular its AOA recently shared with residents. “We expect you all (residents) to kindly consider a dress code and behavior while roaming in public to ensure it doesn’t offend others. Thus, ‘lungi’ and ‘nighty’ that are to be worn in homes, must not be used outdoors,” the official document read.

When the news reached people, they couldn’t stop from commenting on the cooperative society’s move. Netizens were with mixed opinions on the ‘no lungi, nighty dress code.’ One of the responses seconded the approach and read, “I think it’s the right decision,” while another said, “We are a society with weird priorities.”


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