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‘Devoid of ground reality and facts’: Centre after India slips to 101st rank in Global Hunger Index 2021


The Centre on Friday said the Global Hunger Index 2021, in which India has slipped from the 94th to the 101st position out of 116 countries, is devoid of ground reality and facts. It also said the methodology used to calculate is unscientific.

“Global Hunger Report 2021 is found to be devoid of ground reality & facts and suffers from serious methodological issues. Publishing agencies of Global Hunger Report, Concern Worldwide and Welt Hunger Hilfe, have not done their due diligence before releasing report,” said the Ministry of Women and Child Development.

“The methodology used by FAO is unscientific. They have based their assessment on the results of a ‘four question’ opinion poll, which was conducted telephonically by Gallup,” it added.

With a score of 27.5, India has slipped to the 101st position out of 116 countries in the 2021 Global Hunger Index (GHI).


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