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‘Devanagari: The Charming of Indian Writing’ Exhibition Enchants Moscow with Calligraphy

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A captivating exhibition titled ‘Devanagari: The Charming of Indian Writing’ has been unveiled in Moscow, showcasing the art of calligraphy and celebrating the beauty of Devanagari script. The exhibition, which began on September 4, is hosted at the Center of Oriental Literature within the Russian State Library and is part of the broader initiative ‘Literary Monuments of Ancient India in Russia.’ This initiative marks the first collaboration between the Sanskrit Zealot Society in Russia and Indian contributors.

The inauguration ceremony saw the presence of dignitaries including Shri Rameshwar Singh, Chairman of Disha NGO and India-Russia Friendship Society; Gina Uika, Deputy Head of Mission; and Avinash Kumar Singh, Assistant Attaché, Press and Information Wing.

The exhibition showcases a total of 80 calligraphy paintings, primarily created by Russian students who have undertaken the study of Sanskrit, under the guidance of Dr. Mārcis Gasūns. These students received tutelage in Devanagari script from the renowned Indian calligrapher Achyut Palav. The students’ journey began with learning the fundamentals of writing, and they gradually progressed to mastering artistic Devanagari. Notably, their artistic expressions included the transcription of spiritual texts, such as those found in Samarth Ramdas’s ‘Dasabodha.’

In addition to the impressive calligraphy creations, the exhibition features nearly 70 Sanskrit books from the mid-XIX century. These books are sourced from various locations, including Bombay, Calcutta, Leipzig, St. Petersburg, and London. Among the treasures on display, two rare Sanskrit gems from the 18th century, housed in the Russian State Library’s collection, serve as central focal points, enriching the cultural experience of visitors.

The ‘Devanagari: The Charming of Indian Writing’ exhibition will remain open to the public until September 23, offering a unique opportunity to appreciate the artistry and cultural significance of Devanagari script. During the exhibition’s duration, two master classes focused on Devanagari script will be conducted, further fostering an appreciation for this elegant and historically rich form of writing.

The event exemplifies the deepening cultural ties between Russia and India, demonstrating the universality and enduring allure of Devanagari script beyond India’s borders.


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