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Delhi Gears Up for G20 Summit Amidst Lockdown Rumors: Officials Set Record Straight

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Preparations are in full swing as Delhi readies itself to host the forthcoming G20 Summit. Authorities are working diligently to ensure the success of the event in the national capital. Speculations have been circulating that Delhi might undergo a lockdown during the G20 Summit scheduled from September 8 to 10. However, these rumors, suggesting a complete lockdown due to the presence of heads of state from numerous countries, have been debunked by officials. They clarified that Delhi will not be under a complete lockdown during the G20 Summit hosted by India.

Officials Clarify the Situation

Authorities have confirmed that the rumors of a lockdown are baseless. Officials have shared that while there will be no comprehensive lockdown, a “Controlled zone” will be established within the New Delhi district.

Delhi Police PRO, Suman Nalwa, addressed the issue and stated, “Regarding the G20 summit, rumors are spreading that Delhi will be under lockdown at that time. It is factually not correct. As a number of heads of states are coming and international organizations are joining, that’s why we have made a ‘Controlled zone’ in the New Delhi district. All the commercial establishments have been closed in this area for three days (September 8-10). We have been advising people to travel by Delhi Metro. Bonafide residents of the restricted zone will be allowed to move by displaying a valid ID. There is no restriction on the movement of essential commodities coming through Delhi borders.”

Delhi Police Sets Record Straight on Social Media

Delhi Police has taken to their official social media channels to address FAQs and dispel misinformation. They encouraged citizens not to fall for rumors and to stay informed through credible sources. In one post, they clarified, “During the #G20Summit, train passengers are requested to use Metro Services to reach Old Delhi Railway Station or they may use the mentioned road routes. Please do not believe in rumors. Follow #G20SummitDelhiFAQs for factual information.”

To guide citizens on reaching Old Delhi Railway Station, they provided alternative routes to mitigate traffic disruptions during the summit.

Security and Preparedness in Focus

Regarding security arrangements and preparedness, Suman Nalwa emphasized, “Delhi Police is prepared to stop not just any terrorist threat but also any likely protests. ‘Vikrant’, our logistics van carrying all equipment to deal with any law and order situation will be deployed. We have equipped PCR vans & logistic vans with chain cutters to deal with protestors. We are fully prepared.”

As Delhi’s anticipation builds for the G20 Summit, authorities are working rigorously to ensure the event’s smooth execution, while assuring citizens that a complete lockdown is not on the agenda.


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