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BSP MP Kunwar Danish Ali Objects To ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ Slogan Raised By BJP’s Hari Singh Dhillon

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An argument ensued between BSP MP Kunwar Danish Ali and BJP MLC Hari Singh Dhillon over ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ slogan at the virtual inauguration programme of the Amrut Bharat Station Scheme at Amroha railway station in Uttar Pradesh by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ali objected to Dhillon raising the slogan at the event and asked the need for such slogans at a central government programme.

Dhillon addressed the audience at the event saying, “Say loudly, Bharat mata ki jai.” Following this, the audience too raised the slogan. Ali, who shared the dais with other leaders, objected to the slogan and said, “This is not a BJP programme; it is a Central government programme.”

Ali’s objection irked the audience who expressed displeasure over the BSP MP’s remarks.

As Ali and Dhillon confronted each other, BJP workers continued to chant ‘Vande mataram’ and ‘Bharat mata ki jai’. Railway staff, RPF and police had to diffuse the confrontation.

Ali accused the BJP of turning every Central government programme into party event. “The people present at the programme made it look like a BJP programme. I opposed that,” the BSP MP said. “Bharat Mata does not only belong to their fathers and grandfathers alone. Everyone belongs to Bharat Mata. We also worship Bharat Mata five times a day. We sit on the ground and offer namaz five times a day. But the BJP workers turn every into their party’s programme.”


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